Is it hard to impress a professional escort?

An escort date can feel like a normal date, but it is also a time of sexual intimacy. As such, you should prepare ahead of time to impress her so that the evening is magical.

Be polite and professional in your messages. If your messages are poorly written or take a long time to respond, she may assume that you don’t want her.

Be on time

If you’re going to meet your escort in person, be punctual. If you’re late, it can be a big turnoff. It also makes your escort nervous, and she may start the session on the wrong foot.

If your message is poorly written or full of spelling errors, a sex worker will likely ignore it. She’ll also be less likely to agree to a session with you if you don’t provide screening information or details of when and where you’d like to meet.

Avoid sending too many follow-up messages, and resist the temptation to text your escort to ask if she’s still free. It can be annoying for her to answer the same question over and over again. She’s on a schedule and needs to be paid.

Be well-groomed

Escorts put a lot of time and effort into their appearance, so it’s important that you are clean and well-groomed on your first date (and any other dates). A gentleman that is unkempt will leave an awful impression and make the experience less enjoyable for both parties.

A gentleman should also avoid sending escorts messages that are overly sexual or suggestive. These types of messages are inappropriate and will only cause the escort to feel uncomfortable and put-out. It is also impolite to ask an escort for additional photos. This request can be interpreted as a nervousness that the escort will not look like her pictures, which is not the case. Escorts love wine and gifts, so bringing one or both will go a long way toward making her happy.

Be polite

It’s important to be polite and respectful to your escort. This can help you build a trusting and friendly relationship with her. Politeness is more than just saying please and thank you, it also means listening to others.

It is also important to remember that a professional escort’s work is a separate, private affair. You should never attempt to mix business and pleasure with her.

If you send her messages that are careless, hard to read or include fetishes, she may think you’re a time waster. She may also be suspicious that you’re attempting to spy on her or find out where she lives. Make sure to include screening information like your name, a specific day and time you’d like to meet and whether you are hoping for incall or outcall.

Be respectful

One of the best ways to show respect is by listening. It’s an essential part of any relationship, and it applies to escorting just as much as anywhere else. For example, if your escort is talking about her family, don’t interrupt her. It shows that you’re not listening and you don’t care about what she has to say.

Remember that a sexual relationship with an escort is not romantic, but rather professional. This means that you should not try to get her number or follow her on social media. This is a way to respect her privacy and keep her two worlds separate.

Additionally, it’s important to be respectful in the bedroom. If your escort says no to anything physical, listen to her. This will prevent her from becoming agitated or upset.

Be yourself

Escorts are not mind-readers, so they will need some time to get acquainted with you and understand your expectations. Do not assume the sexy stuff will start right away, and don’t try to force her into anything that feels uncomfortable.

If you have a specific fetish, be sure to ask her about it before your date. This will help her plan the details of your experience and make it even more enjoyable for you.

Avoid spamming her with follow-up messages after your session. She is a professional, and she needs to keep her private life and work-related activities separate. She also needs to be able to sleep at night. If she feels overwhelmed, it could negatively impact her service for you and others. Be sure to tip her well, regardless of how you enjoyed your session.